Visiting Texas Hill Country

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With school starting up again, it may feel like your summer is coming to an unfortunate end. Luckily, summer doesn’t end until September 23rd, which means we still have plenty of time to enjoy the warm sun and great outdoors. The best part? You don’t need to go far to enjoy a weekend getaway. Just take a trip to the Texas Hill Country!

Guadalupe River / Medina River
Spend your days out on the water where…
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Save Energy, Save Money

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Energy proofing your home can really help cut down your annual utility bills. With a hot summer looming on the horizon, find out how you can reduce your cooling costs and read other tips on how to start saving energy and money in your home.

Air Seal Your Attic and Insulate Your Walls
The focus here is to keep the outside air out and keep the inside air in. You may need to add new or…
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Get Started on your Spring Gardening!

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If you haven’t already taken advantage of the warmer weather, head outside and give your garden and grounds the love it deserves. Spring is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors while giving your green thumb a workout. Gardening is not only a fun hobby but it rewards your work by adding an attractive aesthetic to your property, on top of potentially adding value to your investment. Here are…
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SOUND SMART FOR GAME ONE: The Rockets playoff guide for casual fans

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Congratulations, Houston. The second most disliked team in the league finally made it to the regular season finish line, drawing a first round showdown with the Utah Jazz in the process. Sunday night marks the start of the Rockets’ quest to erase last season’s heartbreaking postseason conclusion–one that still seems statistically impossible.

But we’re not here to talk about that.

We’re here to get primed for some sweet first-round playoff action, and once again I’m shouldering the…
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